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Ana J. Hernandez
RHYTA Health Care Center

We would like to thank Health Care Awards for recognizing the work that we are doing and its importance. We were nominated for the Top Innovation award in 2013. Unfortunately, we did not win the award but we are still grateful that our work was recognized and we were nominated.

Charles S. Valentin
Valentin Long Term Care Facility

I think it is great that Health Care Awards is honering the work of those who are changing the lives of people everyday. Our Long Term Care Facility consistently strives to offer better products and servcies and having won the Long Term Care Innovation Award, we know that our efforts have been recognized.

Alice W. Goins
Dahlkemper Medical Facility

I think that Health Care Awards is truly making a difference in the health care industry. By recongizing and honoring those who are making a difference in the health care industry, Health Care Awards forces companies and individuals to work harder. Dahlkemper Medical Facility is one of those companies!